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MailBeez Installer Help

MailBeez is pre-integrated with the Store-Systems Gambio 2.3+ and Modified-Shop 2+. In these systems the system folder - following named as MAILHIVE - is located in:

Gambio 2.3+: /ext/mailhive
Modified-Shop 2+: /includes/external/mailhive
All other Systems: /mailhive


The MailBeez Installer installation / update routine downloads all necessary application files for the MailBeez Basic system and installs / updates them into MAILHIVE.

As usual make sure to back up your Database using e.g. mysqldumper.net.

The installer/updater creates a backup of MAILHIVE and stores it as zip-archive into /mailhive/cloudbeez/backup.

All files and folders below MAILHIVE must be writeable (depending on your Server 0755, 0766 or 0777) - the installer checks this before updating the files. It will only update files, when all files are writable.

The  MAILHIVE directory itself can be write-protected after you have performed the basic installation.

The setting 0777 is not necessarily a security risk, please read http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=2987.0


Issues and solutions:

Check “Test connection to the CloudBeez server” fails

Ask your Server admin to allow CURL to connect to www.mailbeez.com and www.cloudbeez.com.

Check “Permission to write to the installation directory” fails

Please check the write-permissions of directory  MAILHIVE. Also make sure the subdirectories


are writable.


Check “Test connection speed” fails

Please contact your Hoster or Server admin to check with reference to this page.

For debugging please open the page


in Browser. Information about the slow connection are shown for further debugging of the server environment.

Typically using e.g. wget through the command line will download the file in less than a second, but going through PHP reduces the download speed to e.g. 20kBytes per second. Some components in the PHP environment are throttling the speed.

Following a number of potential reasons for slow connection speed:

  • IPv6 configuration
  • DOS Protection configuration


Step “Downloading application files...” fails

The content of the installation archive is invalid. Please try to open the file given in the error message , e.g.


with a text-editor. You might see some PHP Error messages there which help to solve the issue.


Error 500

Check for the apache module “mod_security” and try to disable it for the admin directory.


Files within the MailBeez System can not be edited using FTP

This is caused by the server configuration: Files created by PHP can not be edited through FTP due to different rights of the User PHP and User FTP (Owner/Group).

Please contact your Server Admin or Hosting-Support to check the configuration and apply the necessary changes to allow to edit files through FTP which are generated by PHP.

Be aware when updating MailBeez files are again written by PHP. So correcting all rights manually will only have an effect until the next update.


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