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How to create Google Maps API key for GeoIP plugin

Changes in Google Maps API policy

Starting June 11, 2018 Google requires that all requests to Maps API use an API key. Moreover from July 16, 2018 billing must be enabled for the project associated with the API key. This guide will explain how to set up the project, enable billing and generate API key, which you can then enter in the GeoIP plugin configuration and enable displaying of your online visitors on the map.


Setting up Google Cloud Platform project and billing

Assuming you already have a google account, and you are logged in, go to https://console.cloud.google.com/home/dashboard and read and "Accept" the updated terms of service.


Then if you don't have any project, click "Create" to create a new project.

You can name it whatever you like, then click "Create"

You also need to enable billing for the project. Click on the "Link a billing account" or select an already set up account. You will be asked to enter your personal data and credit / debit card information.


Adding Google Maps API to your project

When you have the Project created and billing enabled, you need to add Google Maps Javscript API to the project. Select "APIs & Services > Library" and from the library select "Maps JavaScript API".

Then on the next page click "Enable".  This will add the Maps API to your project.

Creating and configuring Google Maps API key

Then in Maps JavaScript API configuration go to Credentials page (you can navigate here also via Google Cloud Platform dashboard -> APIs & Services -> dashboard -> Maps JavaScript API -> credentials)


Click "Create credentials" and select "API key" and then "Restrict key" to set up how the API key can be used. It is good idea to limit the API key use to the domain where your BeezDesk is installed to prevent unauthorized API key use from any other domain.


Congratulations, now you have a valid Google Maps JavaScript API key with enabled billing, which can be used in BeezDesk GeoIP plugin configuration.

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