Consent Checkbox in Forms
You can easily place a consent checkbox in your forms with following steps: Con... more
How to create Google Maps API key for GeoIP plugin
Changes in Google Maps API policy Starting June 11, 2018 Google requires that ... more
BeezDesk Cronjob Setup
From version 5.11 of BeezDesk it is required to set up 2 cron jobs instead of ju... more
Storing Attachments on Amazon S3
The Amazon S3 File Archive integrations allows you to store attachments on the A... more
Woopra / Analytics Integration
If you want to track and monitor the customer activities e.g. with Woopra you ca... more
Connect BeezDesk to Twitter
BeezDesk allows you to connect to your twitter account(s). How to do that? In B... more
How to connect with Twilio
Please contact support for moreinformation about setting up Twilio more
Configuring LDAP
Please contact the BeezDesk Support for more Information about setting up the LD... more
How to setup email piping
E-mail piping is a powerful and fast option how to fetch e-mails into BeezDesk. ... more
How to setup Facebook application
How to setup Facebook application To start the configuration, you need a Faceb... more
How to submit a Facebook application for review
NOTE: Before you can submit a Facebook application for review, you must create t... more
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