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Connect BeezDesk to Twitter

BeezDesk allows you to connect to your twitter account(s). 

How to do that?

In BeezDesk navigate to Configuration > Twitter and click Enable twitter

a dialog will come up where you just click OK

Once the agent panel refreshes then the Enable Twitter button changes to Connect with Twitter

So, click the Connect with Twitter button and you will be redirected to another screen.

There you have to click the “Add twitter account” button and a new popup window will show up where you have to log in with your Twitter username and password and then you have to click “Authorize app".

Once your BeezDesk is connected with twitter, click “edit" on the freshly added twitter connection and in the next screen check in the "Status" checkbox and click Save

That's it. 
Now you can define your own list of queries, monitoring tweets generated on Twitter.
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