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Manage/View Customer Credit/Coupon balance

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Dec 03, 2013
Raymond Burns wrote
CCGV which is required for osCommerce, allows customers to hold a balance. Presently there is no way to manage that balance other than reissuing new credit codes, and the customer applying the codes. The issue is when there is a discrepancy or return. There is no way to credit the account or easily view the balance and funds of the account.
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Dec 04, 2013
Cord | MailBeez agent wrote
am not really sure how this feature should look like? What function should be available for the store admin?
Dec 04, 2013
Raymond Burns wrote
I may have missed the point of the add-in.
This feature request has more to do with managing and editing customers, invoices, etc. MailBEEZ is not a management replacement, but a CRM addition.
This is probably not a good request for MailBEEZ as it has to do with managing the credit account of the customer.

The intial request was to adjust and manage the credit balance the customer holds when utilizing the addon required for coupons in osc Maybe even a report to nicely print the customers recent orders showing the credit balance as well.
Dec 04, 2013
Cord | MailBeez agent wrote
BeezDesk CRM customer insight is an easy to extend add-on. So nothing would be wrong with adding a plugin to manage a credit account of the customer, as the development will be much easier than doing it directly in the store admin.

Can you describe the functionality (use cases) you are looking for?
Dec 04, 2013
Raymond Burns wrote
The functionality that I see is a customer management module. As you know, most management add-ons for customers is not in depth. Furthermore, addresses, emails, etc. are not very easy to change.
I see a module that will show the same information as the "Customer Insight" whilst allowing the admin to edit some of the general information. Within the customer insight, the GV Balance or the credit balance available through CCGV 6.0 v10.4 will be displayed with the option to alter the amount. This would be done without the need to create a new discount code with redemption.

Not sure is the second part is possible, but the first part should be.
Is there any way to get to the customer insights screen from the dashboard, or am I following the wrong workflow? It would seem that all features and modules are accessible from the dashboard.

Also, if you log into my administration, you can see through the orders screen what I mean by credit balances. Some customers will show a GV balance as well as more information on the statuses, but no way to edit any of it.
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