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How to setup email piping

E-mail piping is a powerful and fast option how to fetch e-mails into BeezDesk. Compared to periodical POP3 account polling, mails are fetched instantly as they arrive to your mail server. There is no delay between receiving e-mails  to the mail server and receiving it into your BeezDesk

There is also another great advantage, and that is no need to have a physical e-mail account from which the e-mails are to be piped. If your domain is e.g. www.mygreatsite.com and you wish to provide support to your customers, then you can simply have the customers to send the emails to customercare@ mygreatsite.com because you can have such an address piped by BeezDesk. 

In this article, we will show you, how to set up e-mail piping through  a Cpanel.

The very first step is, to decide, what e-mail address you would like to have regarding support. In our example, we choose the e-mail address of [email protected]  

So, let’s log in to BeezDesk and navigate to Menu > Configuration > Email Accounts > Add mail account and in the upcoming screen we define the desired e-mail address and select 'Email piping' next to Fetch type.

As soon as we select 'Email piping' as a way of fetching emails, BeezDesk provides us a code, more exactly a path to the script handling the e-mail piping on BeezDesk side and that path includes also a special ID. 
You need to copy the whole code BeezDesk gives you, because it will have to be applied in the Cpanel when setting up the mail forwarding. 

Afterwards we need to log in to the Cpanel and look up the menu item called 'Forwarders'. Feel free to use the "Find" section to look up any section in your Cpanel. 

In the next screen you can choose the desired domain (it will become the e-mail domain) in case you have more domains and then you can click 'Add forwarder'

After clicking the 'Add Forwarder' button, we get into the section, where we can define the desired e-mail address where the customers can send their requests and from where the e-mails are to be fetched via piping.

After having the e-mail address defined, it is time to click "Advanced options" and reveal the section, where we will use the code (path) provided by BeezDesk earlier.

As we see in the screen shot above, we have to select Pipe to a Program and paste the  code (path) provided by BeezDesk to the given text field. The green tick confirms the proper syntax of the path used. 
Finally click Add Forwarder and a confirmation window shall show up:

Now let's go back to BeezDesk and test the settings by clicking the Test settings button

If the settings are correct, so the e-mail piping works ok, you should get a double green as you see in the screen shot below

Do not forget to save the settings by clicking the Save button.
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